In 2022, more than 3 billion people will play digital games.*

What will the world teach them?

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Bible X is making a  video game that allows you to take part in the events that changed the world forever

Full launch in 2022 (date TBD)


In an open world, storydriven coop game, a teenager from the future travels back to Jerusalem, to the time of Jesus, to relive and experience the happenings in the Bible, to better understand what happened and be strengthened in their personal faith.


the rulers of Terrapolis

Terrapolis, the world in the future, has been controlled by an oppressive government called DeForce. They claim that Christianity is a threat to humanity. Under their iron-handed rule, the Christian faith is in danger of extinction.


the inventor and unit leader

A renegade named Hector is campaigning for the truth. He invents a time machine, and recruits you to join his team, to go in search of solid evidence that can stop DeForce in their tracks. During your travel, Hector will guide you as well as comment on the things you experience.

The Bible

our stories are true to the Bible

We aim to create immersive, interactive and educational experience that is true to the Bible, and helps you understand more of what happened and how it is still applicable today.


the time travel destination

In his secret headquarters, Hector has built a time machine that can take you and your team right back to the days of Jesus. Here you can find out for yourself exactly what Jesus taught and disprove DeForce’s dubious claims.


the social gaming concept

In a unique gameplay style using a combination of PC and mobile with 4-7 players, you and your unit will explore the streets of old Jerusalem, solve quests and escape danger. You will meet familiar faces and experience events you have only ever read about.

Max / Maxine

the player character

The units PC player take the form of a teenage character, who willingly travels back to experience the stories and help out where he/she can.

Will you succeed in dispelling the darkness that is threatening to overshadow Terrapolis?
Will you manage to stand up for Christianity?

Discover the events that changed
the world forever

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Three chapters based on events in the Bible, played by members of Brunstad Youth Club (buk.no) in March and April, 2022.

Chapter 1


We travel back to year 12, where we help Mary and Joseph locate Jesus. On the way, we meet John the future babtist, as well as others who help us understand more of who Jesus was.

Chapter 2


In chapter 2 the theme is the temple service and how that is applicable also today. Doing what God has asked of us, blesses our lives. This was important in the old convenant, and even more so in the new covenant.

Chapter 3


In the final Closed Beta chapter, we get to spend the last three days of Jesus’ life in Jerusalem. We meet the disciples and are allowed a peak into history’s singular biggest happening, the thing that changed the world forever.


Our vision is to provide simple access to the most powerful message in the history of the world, through immersive experiences.

We are a small team of passionate game developers who strongly believe in the powerful medium of gaming and its role in engaging, educating, and inspiring youth today.

We aim to develop high-quality, comprehensive products that can be used individually or in groups by anyone who wants to take the words of the Bible seriously. Bible X is a department of BCC Media and was formed in 2020.

We believe that there is a great need for innovation when it comes to conveying the Bible’s life-changing message to the younger generation.


ARVE S. head of games
HANS GEORG. B. game designer
LISBETH J. coordinator
EUNICE L. marketing & admin
KATHY A. researcher & script consultant

METTE K. J. art director
MARKUS D. P. 3D & animator
MARCUS A. L. technical artist
GUNNAR S. 3D artist
DAVID T. 3D artist
ALIOSHA B 3D artist
JUN S. 3D & VFX artist
BOYAN M. character artist

JOHANNES E. lead programmer
PATRICK L. programmer
ALEX van M. programmer
ANETTE R. programmer
PABLO M. programmer
MARIUS A. E. programmer
VLAD F. programmer
EZEKIEL H. optimizer
KIPI INTERACTIVE real-time multiplayer & back-end

KIM DAVID Ø. UX desinger

DAWID M. UI desinger
EDWARD T. mobile integration

TOM S. music composer

JOSEPH M. music composer
SIMON D sound designer
DANIEL N. sound implementer

A big shout out to our motion capture actors, voice actors and translators.


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