Creating a groundbreaking new way to explore the Bible


May 2021
Working prototype

Winter 2022
Early Closed Access

Summer 2023 Kickstarter 💥


2026 →
New releases

Who we are

Our mission: To provide easy access to the world’s most impactful message through immersive experiences

We are a small team of passionate game developers who strongly believe in the powerful medium of gaming and its role in engaging, educating, and inspiring youth today.

We believe that there is a great need for innovation when it comes to conveying the Bible’s life-changing message to the younger generation.

We aim to develop high-quality, comprehensive products that can be used individually or in groups by anyone who wants to take the words of the Bible seriously.

Bible X is a game studio founded in 2020 as part of BCC Media, a non-profit Christian media organization in Norway.

the bible x team

Arve S.

Game Designer & Head of Bible X

Mette K.J.

Art Director

Johannes E.

Lead Programmer

Kim-David Ø.

Game Designer & UX/UI Designer

Markus P.

Lead Animator

Eunice L.

Marketing & Community Manager

Patrick L.


Alex V.M.


Gunnar S.

3D Artist

Deb V.

Associate Producer

Aaron D.

Game Designer


LISBETH J. coordinator
DAVID T. 3D artist

ALIOSHA B. 3D artist
JUN S. 3D & VFX artist
BOYAN M. character artist

MARCUS A.L. technical artist
ANETTE R. programmer

PABLO M. programmer
MARIUS A. E. programmer
VLAD F. programmer
EZEKIEL H. optimizer

KIPI INTERACTIVE real-time multiplayer & back-end

DAWID M. UI designer
EDWARD T. mobile integration

TOM S. music composer
JOSEPH M. music composer
SIMON D. audio designer
DANIEL N. audio implementer

We’d like to thank everyone who have contributed as advisors, motion capture actors, voice actors, translators and more.

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