Introducing Terrapolis

First, an update of what we’ve been up to.

Terrapolis concept art


We’re now deep into 2021 and it’s been well over a year since we’ve started Bible X and our video game development journey.

Last time we checked in we had just finished the demo test of our game. But that was back in May and now it’s already August. Time really does fly! But you can rest assured that we have not been sitting around the Bible X studio wondering what to do next. It’s been go, go, go as we continue to learn, discover, and create.  

One of the main things that we’ve been working on is creating the story for chapter one of our (still unnamed!) game. Scriptwriting, game design, and specifications. It’s been interesting to see this whole story and world take shape and it’s a process that is still in development. 

The programmers are working on data structures and architecture, the art department is working on character design and modelling, and all in all, everyone is having a really good time!

We’ve also purchased more mocap (a.k.a. motion capture) equipment, which we’ll tell you more about in a later blog post. A few more people have also joined our team, both full-time employees and some freelancers, so we’re continually adding more expertise. 

Developer workshop Auguse 2021
At our dev workshop this week

Now for more about Terrapolis… 

Up to now, we’ve kept the concept and story of our game on the down-lowYou all must know by now that you’ll be travelling back in time to Jerusalem in our game. But why, and how?

So now for the very first time, we want to give you a glimpse into the background story that you will be a part of and introduce you to Hector, the main character of the game.

What is “Terrapolis” and who is Hector?

**drum roll**

First look at the PLOT of our game

The year is 2072. The fictional world of Terrapolis has been ruled by an oppressive government called DeForce for over 20 years. Their ultimate plan? The gradual elimination of Christian values, with the hoped-for result being the total extermination of Christianity.

Times have never been darker.

But behind their backs, a young man named Hector has been starting a resistance: a battle for the truth. Hector is an inventor and he has a plan that can stop DeForce from completing their mission.

Will you join him and his growing group of believers who are willing to fight for the rights of Christianity? Is your conviction strong enough to step into Hector’s time machine and travel back over 2000 years in time to Jerusalem, to the cradle of Christianity, to get to the very roots of what Jesus taught? To find out the truth for yourself? To find the essence of the message Jesus brought and its liberating power for all of mankind?

In early A.D. Jerusalem you will come face to face with Jesus and the first disciples and experience firsthand the power of the gospel that turned the world in those days upside down.

As you explore this life-changing place and time you will personally get the knowledge and power to stand against the false claims about Christianity that DeForce is making. You can be along in saving Christianity!

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