Our Bible Reading Plan is live on the Youversion Bible App!

Big news! We’re so excited to announce our partnership with the Youversion Bible App!

Youversion is one of the world’s most popular Bible apps, with over 650 million downloads to date. They have given us the opportunity to publish our very own Gate Zero Bible Reading Plan, which is now live on the app!

Our 3-day plan, titled “Explore the Epic Temple in Jerusalem,” lets you step right into the temple in 1st century Jerusalem and experience the events that took place there. It features key Bible verses explaining the temple’s significance for us today, as well as unique cutscenes from the Gate Zero game world!

Just hours after announcing and inviting our community to read the plan together, we reached 150 participants! It’s been so special to connect with everyone in this way and hear their thoughts as they read the plan!

Click here to check out Gate Zero’s Bible Reading Plan: Explore the Epic Temple in Jerusalem

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