Game name reveal!

After months of brainstorming and weeks of intense design work, we are finally ready to reveal our new game name!


Gate Zero

Gate Zero. The name of Hector’s time machine. His secret portal into the legendary city of ancient Jerusalem, which is otherwise walled up with gates all around. Gate Zero is Hector’s way of returning to the source, the origin of it all.

Now that our name is finalized, we are excited to announce our game on Steam very soon!

Mark your calendars as our Steam store page will go live on April 17!

Be ready to wishlist when it comes out!

37 thoughts on “Game name reveal!

  1. samirah says:

    this game is really cool and amazing and too see the trailer of the game. now when do we start playing the game?

    • Bible X says:

      First of all, thanks for being an early supporter! Watch your email and all our social media accounts, news about the kickstarter will come soon! Also, if you join our Discord you’ll have an Early Supporter role. 😎

  2. Aubrey Hulse says:

    I am a Biblical studies major… Working on an interdisciplinary masters degree in theology, Old Testament history, and History… I am also a long time gamer, who has often contributed to games I have played… I am very excited for your game release…

    • Bible X says:

      Hey Aubrey, that is so cool to hear! Write us an email (hey@biblex.io) and tell us a bit more about how you’ve contributed before etc. We would love to connect with you.

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