Featured on CBN’s 700 Club Interactive

Today, our Art Director Mette Johnsen was on live TV in the US. The opportunity fell on the very day of our Kickstarter launch.

“The timing was just crazy,” says Mette. A couple of weeks ago, we were at the NRB convention in Orlando, Florida to talk about the work we do and to make new contacts. The game attracted a lot of attention. While we were there, we received news that a deal we had been working on for a long time had finally been closed. We were invited to speak on the 700 Club Interactive program on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

CBN is a Christian TV channel and the 700 Club Interactive program has one million viewers daily. The time available was Tuesday, June 6 at 10AM ET, exactly the same time our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign was launched.

Program host Ashley Key was impressed with the visuals of the game. She commented that this will make an impact on the next generation of Christians.

Click to watch the 700 Club Interactive’s feature: Spreading the Gospel with Video Games

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