Events Update: NCMS & THINQ Nxt Gen Summit

Nerd Culture Ministry Summit

Last week, we attended the Nerd Culture Ministry Summit (NCMS) in Marble Falls, Texas. The event was organized by our friends at Love Thy Nerd, together with Lux Digital Church.

Present at the event were pioneers and leaders in the nerd culture and digital missions space, each doing cool things within the gaming community to reach people for Christ.

From some of the most well-known Christian streamers like SouzyLIVE and PastorSKAR, to the first-ever gaming church GodSquad Church, to Riot Games’ Head of Creative Magnus Lehman who’s worked on games like League of Legends and Valorant, it was awesome for Gate Zero to be a part of this community paving the way towards bringing the gospel to all corners of the earth – digitally.

Watch all talks from the NCMS keynotes here

THINQ Nxt Gen Summit

After NCMS, we headed over to Nashville, Tennessee for the THINQ Nxt Gen Summit, an event for Gen Z and Millennial leaders in youth ministry, organized by THINQ Media.

It was a privilege to share about how we’re using Gate Zero to reach the next generation using the fastest growing entertainment medium in the world – gaming.

We also participated in a panel at the Learning Experience, joining Elevation Church’s Gaming Pastor Jon Rush, digital missionary Grant Diamond (PreacherGuy) and professional esports commentator Garrett Wilson (GrandmasterGojj) in a conversation about the missional opportunity of gaming and its possible impact.

We made some great connections for Gate Zero and we’re excited to see where all this is headed in 2024!

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