Announcing John Gibson as Executive Game Consultant

We are excited to announce the appointment of John Gibson as Executive Game Consultant and Gate Zero Development Board Member.

John brings two decades of experience and expertise in game development and publishing to the team. As the former CEO, co-owner, and co-founder of Tripwire Interactive, he led the team that brought hit games like Killing Floor, Maneater, and Chivalry 2 to market, selling tens of millions of copies and winning multiple game of the year awards.

John’s role at Bible X will involve business development assistance, strategic development and execution, as well as mentoring in various areas of game development to ensure the highest possible success of Gate Zero. John shares a similar passion and belief in line with our studio’s vision and values, and we believe that this collaboration will help achieve many of our shared goals.

“John has already won the confidence of our team,” said head of Bible X, Arve Solli. “His passion for iteration and fine-tuning and his pursuit of quality will ensure that Gate Zero is not only a game that carries a meaningful message but is incredibly fun and captivating ­– something players will want to experience again and again. Following advice from John, we have also evaluated increasing the budget and quality of our game to ensure excellence.”

John has been offering support and counsel to Bible X in the past few months and will continue to provide guidance throughout the team’s milestones and pivotal decisions.

“The moment I first saw a video of Gate Zero, I was blown away and knew I wanted to be involved,” said John Gibson, Executive Game Consultant. “Bible X is creating something extremely special – an undeniably great game based on the greatest story ever told. Due to my strong beliefs in the future success of this project, I am happy to contribute my time and resources to the development of Gate Zero. I am so excited to be able to share my experience with this team to help Gate Zero succeed at the highest possible level!”

Executive Game Consultant and Gate Zero Development Board Member – John Gibson

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