Gate Zero resonating with Gen Z & Alpha at the MEHR conference in Germany

At the beginning of this month, we traveled to the MEHR 2024 Faith Conference in Augsberg, Germany to spread the word about Gate Zero. It was our biggest booth and largest event yet – with 11,000 attendees including many families present.

This was our first time exhibiting in Germany, and the excitement level among conference goers was high as many discovered our Bible video game for the first time.

Reaching the Next Generation with the Bible

Gate Zero especially sparked interest among Gen Z & Gen Alpha. The atmosphere around our booth was buzzing from morning to evening as children and youth crowded around the three PCs, all wanting to have a go at our demo.

“This is my favorite stand at the whole fair,” said a few of the kids who kept revisiting our booth throughout the weekend.

We knew we were on to something when people started quarrelling about whose turn it was to play next.

“You can get to know the Bible stories in a simpler way. I think that’s cool,” said Simon (16).

“I liked the scrolls where you explain things. In the Temple and everywhere there are many little facts that are explained. I think that’s really cool. It may be things that people haven’t read about themselves, but I hope this opens the door for young people to want to learn more,” said Luca (23).

“It looks like Assassin’s Creed,” said several others when Gate Zero caught their eye.

All in all it was a huge success, and we’re pleased at how well-received Gate Zero is already among the German community.

About MEHR

The MEHR-Konferenz 2024 is organized by Gebetshaus Augsburg and has been around since 2008. The event was a combination of talks, worship, forums, and an exhibition hall with 170 vendors, including BCC Media with Gate Zero and Bible Kids.

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