Spreading the Word about Gate Zero at The Send

10,000 youth, one goal: To answer to their missional calling.

The Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN was where we found ourselves on Feb 3, surrounded by Gen Z Christians enthusiastic to spread the gospel of Jesus. It was the perfect place to show our Bible video game Gate Zero.

The average age of those attending The Send was 15-17 years, and it didn’t take much for them to understand what our game was all about. In fact, 70-80% of those who stopped by our booth had already seen Gate Zero content on social media – YouTube, Instagram or TikTok – thanks to viral videos that have been circulating in the past months.

We felt right at home interacting with this crowd. Our demo barely got a break for more than five minutes during the 10-hour event, and the booth was often packed with lots of foot traffic going back and forth.

The highlight for us was probably meeting Kickstarter backers and social media followers who brought their loved ones to the booth to show us off: “This is the game I was telling you about!” We love our Gate Zero community and we’re so thankful for all the support!

About The Send

The Send in Nashville, TN was a one-day event on Feb 3, 2024 at the Bridgestone Arena. 10,000 people – mostly Gen Z Christians – were gathered to be inspired and encouraged to live out the Great Commission Jesus gave. The purpose of The Send is to gather and mobilize a generation into their missional calling to reach every high school, university, nation and community around the world with the gospel.

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